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Welcome to Whiteblade

This website is the begining of a company I have wanted to start for more than a decade. As they say "You're not getting any younger.", so I finally started the ball rolling with this site. I hope you enjoy your visit.

About this site. For those of you who can remember some hard bound books used to come with an accent cover down the spine and on the corners, I have fashioned the main pages, or book covers if you will, in a similar mannor. Inside the 'books' you will find writings, drawings, thoughts, opinions, etc.

Navigating through the site is fairly simple, there are numerous links on the pages plus the status bar at the bottom of the page will also tell you where the link takes you. Below are the main books I have on my site:

Here is a collection of some of my poems and some other writings as well.

Here is a collection of some of my own graphics as well as some favorites I have found on the web.

Want to know my thoughts on various things? Then this is the book to open.

If you are interested in things Celtic, then you will want open this book. Many topics discussed.

This book is for things that don't easily fall into one of the other catagories. Here you will find humor, quotes and more.

In this book you will find some of my favorite places on the web.

If you see a flashing street sign in the upper left corner of the 'cover', it means that the page is not quite finished yet. Please be patient, I like to create my own graphics and write my own html code (rather than use a WYSIWYG code generator), so it does take some time for me to get things up and I would still consider myself a novice at this.

Site Updates:

04 / 29 / 2001 — Almost completed Poetry book, uploaded book and two poem pages.

05 / 7 / 2001 — Have most of my book covers done and something done in at least one chapter.

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